About PrepperMap

PrepperMap is a place where you can see other local preppers in you area, send messages, set up meeting places if SHTF happens. PrepperMap allows you to put a pin at a location, an information note where you post information about yourself, what you could help others with, what you could use help with, and how you can meet in case of SHTF.

Why PrepperMap

We believe a team of preppers is almost always better than one alone prepper. There is a African proverb:


if you want to go fast - go alone. If you want to go far - go together.


PrepperMaps purpose is to help you go far by connecting with fellow preppers.

As time is passing by, more and more people become completely dependant on the society. People generally don't have more than 1 week of food and relies entirely that the just-in-time global trade is working without disruptions, and for the goverment to always protect against any threats.

That's why preppers many times are seen as weird, different, possibly alarmistic. There is some of social discomfort in presenting yourself as someone that made preperations, just in case something happens. On PrepperMap you don't have to reveal who you are or where you live, yet at the same time you can see if there is other preppers in your area you could potentially team up with, before or after SHTF.


But i'm Rambo! I have all the gear and i can hold my breath for 10 minutes!


- Yes, maybe you are an exeption to the rule. But also remember, even the most super-tactical-hardcore-prepper:

  • ...must sleep sometime
  • ...does not have all the resources
  • ...does not have all the skills
  • ...does not have all the information
  • ...cannot manage every situation alone

  • Just imagine; you are Rambo, you made a hidden fort in the woods with guarded by barbed wire, cameras, mine-field and what-not. Then you trip and get a small wound. The wound later becomes infected and although you have some antibiotics and other medical treatments you don't know what kind of antibiotics you need and in what amount, so you die from that small wound. Would it not be better to have teamed up beforehand with someone with medical skills? And i bet that person would also benefit from your tactical skills.

    About the creator

    About 15 years ago i began to think about how prepared i were if something were to happen; like a war, civil unrest, virus outbreak, solar-flare or any other scary event. Over the years i have gathered more and more knowledge about prepping while constantly adding, testing and updating my equipment and supplies.

    PrepperMap was created while most of the world was quarantined in the Covid-19 pandemic. That meant a lot of time to create a project.

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